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Rakhila Bernikova

Rakhila Bernikova



My name is Rakhila Bernikova, I was born in Dmanisi, Georgia, former Soviet Union,
currently residing in New York, USA.
From young age I rebelled against traditional female domesticity and this had a great
impact on my style and vision of women.
“…Through disobedience and rebellion to freedom of my mind…” these words of mine
speak through my canvases.
In a long tradition of painting the female nude has been admire and appreciated. She
has been Earth Mother, a personification of nature and motherhood fertility and creation.
And also she has been human, sensual and feminine.
In my practice since 2013, I am showing a distinctive personal style that emanates
beauty and expresses sensuality of femininity through paintings of women in different
The most mesmerizing of my canvases show strong, sensual women and the same
time a gentle blend of classicism and avant-garde. The colors which are tread of
As a self-taught artist I derived a great inspiration from both Gustav Klimt and Egon
Schiele, as well as Renaissance paintings of goddesses from mythology.
Acrylic paint and pallet knife are my favorite tools to create my strong and wild feminine
and expressive women. In each of my paintings I fell a sense of me. The body tells so
I leave some of my paintings with no title to allow viewer’s imagination to play a role…


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