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André Romijn




Persephone Oil and cold wax on paper, on multi-panel wood 44 x 49 cm Persephone, or Proserpina or Proserpine in Latin, was the daughter of Zeus and wife of Hades. In Greek mythology Persephone was abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld. As Persephone returns from the underworld each spring, this myth gives birth to her personification as the fertility of vegetation, Spring and a symbol of immortality. Digging more into the ancient mythology, she was named Kore, the all-pervading goddess of nature with the power to produce and to destroy. Therefore you could identify her also with Gaia and Hestia. Through the centuries Persephone, with her characteristic pale face, has always been a great subject to the art. Artist: André Romijn

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