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Rozalynd Roos Merrill
Digital Artist

Rozalynd Roos Merrill

Digital Artist


“My love of the natural world has a significant influence on my work - the dramatic shores of Tomales Bay in California where I live, the creatures there, an enchanting bit of lichen or moss, the weather, sky or
ocean - these all inspire me greatly. I instinctively bring nature’s emotive essence and en-ergy to my work.”
Rozalynd Roos Merrill is an American artist who began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator prior to focusing on fine art. She holds a degree in Commercial Art from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver, Colorado, and has studied at several other fine art institutions, including St Ives School of Painting in Cornwall, England and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Rozalynd shares time between her studios on the coast and in the lovely town of Petaluma - both just north of San Francisco. She finds inspiration from both her natural surroundings in California, and from photographs taken during her travels abroad and at home.
Classically trained in the Old Master’s Technique, she finds great joy in watching color and depth emerge, as translucent layers of glaze are laid on canvas. She uses this style in a representational and sometimes surreal way, as well as in her recent work in Abstract Expressionism. Influenced by light, nature, energy and basic shape and color, she creates complex depth, movement and texture, contrasting the familiar with
the abstract.
Rozalynd’s fluidly interchangeable disciplines of painting, drawing, photography and digi-tal manipulation, join together to create unique fine art works. Her process changes with each piece, sometimes through
the use of a single method, and other times engaging all the disciplines in her toolbox. She deftly moves between techniques to create an atmospheric and emotional experience in which her viewers can draw their own unique perspectives.


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