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It is beginning to dawn
Juliet Napier

It is beginning to dawn



It is beginning to dawn, 2020, Oil on canvas,102x 81.5cm The title of my painting, ‘It is beginning to dawn’, is inspired by the notion of both a return to a more gestural style and marking a new beginning or a new discovery. The return in style is through a painterly, loose or expressive aesthetic on the canvas. I was also thinking of ‘dawn’ in the sense that when I paint, the thoughts that come to mind are ‘dawning’ on me. The light palette, mostly made up of white paint is intentional in reversing my usual use of colour as a background. It represents the beginning or ‘dawn’ like the first appearance of light in the sky. The title therefore has a double meaning with reference to ‘dawn’. As with most of my works, the titles refer to thoughts or discoveries at the time of painting, coming to the forefront in the moment or becoming clearer. I feel that this is relevant to my practice in searching or exploring through the process of painting. There is an emphasis on the beauty of process in my practice. It also refers to my interest in the unknown, painting to discover i.e. not knowing how a painting will turn out. Artist: Juliet Napier

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