Rodolfo III Molina




Title: Secare
Year: 2021
Size: Width 48” x 36” Height (Canvas only)
Technique: Oil paint & oil sticks

“Secare” is an original oil painting on canvas by the artist Rodolfo III. The very first piece of the new art style “Connectivism” which the artist pioneered during the first years of his artistic de-velopment.
Connectivism is a form of therapeutic art, which means that life is best lived through connecting the dots as we go along and that we can only see the bigger picture once the dots are connect-ed. Under this philosophical theory Rodolfo III wanted to portray through visual arts his vision towards change and progress, to simply begin and to not worry about perfection, because the idea of perfection is often the cause of human procrastination and regression. This artistic method inspires unrestricted creativity, to simply be what you are, let the subconscious mind control the brush and paint piece by piece, line by line, colour by colour: until the final image is revealed.