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A touch of Green
Else du Plessis

A touch of Green



Title: A touch of Green
Year : 2021
Size : 76x91x5 cm
Technique : Oil paint on streched canvas

'A touch of Green' is an oil painting which portrays a landscape: its style is extremely abstract, free from object or its perceived concept, association or any man made ideas, free from any intention to please the expected. The only attachment is that of Green that vibrates at the same frequency as the heart: as from the heart's total surrender in being present within this beautiful world at the moment of execution, all of colour, line, space are expressed without the conscious thought controlling the outcome. The subconscious aligned with the universe in total trust of what be communicated in 'A touch of Green'. The white showing is the blank canvas and not the use of white paint yet white has been used though as the absence of it. The technique as such is this surrendering into the simultaneous state of being and freedom from any planning, thought process or any calculation what so ever, inviting the viewer into Paraíso, this universe we all share but moving into, that does not always come as naturally because of too much noise or distractions made by man. Else's artistic style, layered free brush strokes transluting oil paint onto canvas into a crossing over 'attraversando', carries the viewer into his/her own experience of the world she shares with him/her.

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