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The story of WENIWO

The story of WENIWO



Title: The story of WENIWO
Year: 2022
Size: Video
Technique: Green-screen
Filmed by Briwé, Musik and noise by Markus Poschenrieder

In the first step, I recorded my images (Soul and Stay...) on video, which serve as the landscape and background. In the second step, I recorded myself with the help of the green screen and edited it with a program. I converted the whole thing into a comic version. The video is highlighted by music and noises, composed by my husband Markus Poschenrieder.
The story: the young woman Mrs.Weniwo goes in search of immortality.
At the same time, old Mrs.Wewo experiences her end and her new start as Mrs.Wewo?
Weniwo is a neologism and means in German: don´t know where!
That in turn means she doesn´t know where immortalit is. The old woman Mrs.Wewo finally knows where to find immortality!

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