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Komal Saxena




Title: Glimmer
Year: 2021
Size: 36 Inches (Diameter)
Technique: Cradled Wood Panel, Acrylic Medium, Textured art.

One of my first abstract art pieces. I was inspired by a fellow artist and decided to come up with something similar. The creative journey of this piece was so unusual - the textures that you see, it was so hard to maintain them at the same length and roughy patches had to be maintained at equal distances so that it didn't look unproportional. The final look, somehow, looks like the surface of the moon. Not that I have been to the moon - but my artistic mind has the ability to travel distances far and wide :) This piece is a symbol of victory for me because I jumped out of my comfort zone and decided to do something new and chic. I really hope that this piece makes your wall look classy and loved. Enjoy the beautiful art that kept me on my toes but turned out better than expected.

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