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In the air where she plays through familiar sensations
Katarina Reiter

In the air where she plays through familiar sensations



Title: In the air where she plays through familiar sensations
Year: 2021
Size: 80x100cm

She wanders around the world without realising. She needed a sign some time ago to navigate her and tell her you are not what you thought you were. She didn't understand at the beginning. It was confusing. All these emotions were confusing... Suddenly she cries, she yells, she throws stuff, she blames, she is in tension, she misunderstands others and especially herself. She is in pain and then she is numb... 

What just happened? What does love mean? Who am I? What are all these sensations in my body? Do I feel how beautiful I am from the inside out? 

I can hear these whispers... Do it... Do it...

Do it and still keep the boundaries... Do what feels right to you... 

I am taking those chains around my hands down so I can fly and touch the sky so I can flow and dance. I am everything that I tell myself to be. I am everything that I allow myself to be. It is only me who can give me permission to fly and play and enjoy and feel and scream. It is up to me what I decide my limits are going to be. 

Feel and yell, get happy and get angry, you can smell the fresh air, you can come back to yourself.

Your flaws are accepted...Other's flaws are accepted... It is all right. You are free and limitless and your boundaries matter....

You are who you are. Observe. 

She is in her childhood home seeing everything she once was. Something in the distance calling her... 'There is more to come. You are prepared. I am holding you; you are not alone. You are supported wherever you decide to step.' I am starting to trust it. It will lead me to the right places and to the right hands.

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