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Jinyoung Lee

Jinyoung Lee



I started with a question about our subjective view referring to our things and my works are presented with materialisation of our subjective view: that is gradually faded as time goes away from the blurry memories and the daily affairs into the clear plastic wrap and showed the layers of time. The habitual behaviours of everyday done unconsciously: which are the repetitive works of piling the wrap: reflect the phenomenon that our sensation of body and emotions gradually fade away. I would like to say that we will have the objective view: it is also said as the blunt view: that we can finally let the things go as facing it constantly.

Solo Exhibition
2020 5th Solo <The vertical section of a moment> / CICA Museum,Gimpo, Korea
2019 4th Solo <The Daily Stratum Wrap> / Gallery DOS, Seoul, Korea
2016 3rd Solo <Rolling – The Stationary Daily Affairs> / Cyart Document, Seoul, Korea
2014 2nd Solo <Mother, Wife, Daughter or Emptiness> / Gallery ADAMAS253, Seoul, Korea
2013 1st Solo <The Things> / Space Inno, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition
2021 Online Exhibition 'River of Dreams' / CAC magazine, U.S
2nd Window Exhibition <Layer> / SPACE JIEUN, Seoul,Korea
1st Window Exhibition <Drawing> / SPACE JIEUN, Seoul,Korea
2020 The 41st annual exhibit of seoul sculptors society / Kimsechoong Museum, Seoul,Korea
2019 Rhythm Object Space/ Gallery Redbrick, Seoul,Korea
2018 #unexpected sculpture / Mac Art Museum, Seoul,Korea
Smaller than a face...> / Artspace PLASQUE , Seoul,Korea
2017 Juried Exhibition <Vision> / 3 Square Art LLC / Colorado , U.S
2015 70th Anniversary of Korea Independence <Gwanghwamun Yeonga> / Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul,Korea
Overtune for Twenty Differences> / Artspace Plasque, Seoul, Korea
Garden of Daughters> / Artspace H, Seoul, Korea
70th Anniversary of Korea Independence <201_5gamdo>/ Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2014 Invitational Group Exhibition <The Space of Healing> / Seonam Hospital, Seoul, Korea
Invitational Group Exhibition <The Interval Exploration> / Gallery Farbeyond, Seoul, Korea
Invitational Exhibition of Modern Korea Sculpture / Chuncheon MBC, Chunchun, Korea
GIAF <ASIA Contemporary Young Artist Award> / Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Metaphorical time> / Gallery Farbeyond, Seoul, Korea
2013 The Specters of East - Triangle Art Festival> Dae-Gu Art Factory, Dae-Gu, Korea
Sculpture, From Independence to this day> / The Independence Hall of Korea,
Cheon-An, Korea
Images of sight> / Gallery IDA, Seoul, Korea
Communion> / Topohaus Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2012 Archive _ on going> WooSuk Hall of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Sewing, Digging, Wrapping...> Space K, Seoul, Korea

2020 CICA Museum, Artist of contemporary artists series
2019 SOMA Drawing Center, Artist of 14th Archive
2019 Gallery DOS, Artist of Planning Exhibition Contest
2017 3 Square Art Juried Exhibition, Gold Award
2016 Cyart Document, Excellent Artist
2014 ASIA Contemporary Young Artist Award, Grand Prize
2014 Gallery ADAMAS253, Artist of Planning Exhibition Contest
2013 Space INNO, The Grand Artist


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