Steffen Schwien




Explosive (120 cm wide x 140 cm high) - acrylic on canvas - 2019
The pulse rises. The heart beats faster. Do you feel the blood pulsing in your veins? Do you feel the ecstasy? The adrenaline? "Explosive" celebrates the uniqueness of the moment. It's an extraordinary masterpiece that makes your heart skip a beat, only for it to continue pounding at twice the speed in the next moment. All or nothing! "Explosive" invites you to jump into the rapids of life and explore the ocean depths of your emotions. Let yourself be swept away by the dynamic structures and overwhelmed by the expressiveness and richly expressive color power of this work of art. Dive into a world in which everything is possible. Be the conductor of your own life and fulfill your most ardent heart's desire. "Explosive" - Live life to its fullest!