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Maeva Deley




Title: Hämärä
Year: 2020
Size: 80x100x1,5 cm
Technique: oil on canvas

This painting brings nature into our living space. It is like a window open to contemplation and escape. It also allows us to bring in a little happiness, tranquillity, appeasement and also a part of dream, imagination and poetry.
This painting takes us from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.
The title of the painting Hämärä means twilight in Finnish. It is the moment when you can no longer tell the difference between day and night. In a way, this painting represents a moment of transition but also a time between two very different moments. Twilight is also the time when our body relaxes and prepares to rest. It is the time for our mind to wander, to free itself from the daily hassle, to enter the space of the imagination.
A soft light attracts our eye, it is like an echo of our inner light.

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