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Micky Bozzani

Micky Bozzani



Micky Bozzani was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Graphic Design at the National Teaching Body of Technical Education (UTN) and graduated as a Photographer at the Foto Club Argentino.
She started drawing and painting from a very young age and has continued to do so until now. A renowned artist like Ladislao Kelity accompanied his growth process in her own studio, creating discipline and discovering new techniques. Acrylic paint was always her favorite, actively participating in exhibitions and visual arts salons receiving various awards for her work on styles such as Naïf and Magic Realism.
Meanwhile, the photographic activity was always present and at some point, photos became a painting. Techno lover, she decided to apply new technology to her artistic works. She considers herself self-taught on this subject, it was a long process of learning. Despite being addicted to new techniques, the old way of drawing and painting never disappeared, but a new concept was born when she began to mix them in new works.
As street photographer her last exhibition was in December 2019 at the Thames Gallery in Buenos Aires, where she exhibited 120 photographs. The motor of her works is the magic energy around us, she truly believes that everything is possible
when we decided to see everything with the innocence of a child.


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