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Fumika Asano
Digital Artist

Fumika Asano

Digital Artist


I live in Osaka, Japan with our family of six (my husband, myself and our four daughters of 22, 20, 16 and 8 years old), plus a cat (Scottish Fold).

We go on family trips and I go out with my daughters.
We are all very close.

I have always been attracted to antique things.
I am also curious about new and different things.

At home I grow flowers and I also enjoy interior design.

I like both Japanese and foreign films.
I also watch anime.
I often listen to both Japanese and Western music.

I also enjoy beauty and fashion.

I became independent and self-employed 13 years ago.
A few years before that I read a book on the Law of Attraction. From there, I am a housewife, but I want to do something! I started to take on different challenges.
That I set up a shop.
After that, I organized events with friends and acting and other activities.
I tried to expand my world by taking on various challenges.

In the midst of all this, this year I learnt about the emergence of a new AI (I've always had a good affinity with AI to begin with). In the process of using it out of curiosity I arrived at the cur-rent art form of the month.

My curiosity for various things is my creative force when creating art.
Interior design
Flowers and nature
Music and art

From music and art, I find beautiful, interesting and fascinating ideas for my monthly works.

I have never communicated with people from other countries before, but in the process of creat-ing and presenting my artwork I want to make friends across national boundaries
I want to know a lot of things, I want to deliver something wonderful to people, I want to con-tinue to enjoy my new experiences and the world.

Thank you for reading to the end.


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