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Swirl of warmth
Taru Rouhiainen

Swirl of warmth



Title: Swirl of warmth
Year: 2021
Size: 38x46x2 cm
Technique: Linen canvas, high quality acrylic colours

Colours are the biggest source of my inspiration for my artwork. I love turquoise and various shades of red and I like contrast so I chose those colours for this work. I love the impact of warm red with the green and turquoise. I see a character rising up above the existing reality to a place where dreams are made true. We can always arise from the situations in our life and go to a magical place where everything is possible. We can manifest the things we long for into our lives if we are in the right state of mind. The name of the artwork refers to the texture of the piece and warm red which can be interpreted as feeling of love and gratitude.

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