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1998 Born in Tokyo
2011 Started oil painting
2021 Graduated from University

I am thinking sensations.
It started out as an attempt to control my emotions that did not go my way and my foolish momentum that involved myself and others as much as possible.
Eventually, the thoughts and my expression of "oil painting" came together.
As I continued to think about my senses, I naturally spent more time confronting myself. One of my masterpieces, "Even if I disappear someday," was born out of this process.
This work was the result of continually thinking about what value, place, and meaning I had for someone else when I had disappeared from this world.
As I thought about my senses, the world inside me began to take on an outline.
And I began to be able to imagine sinking into the world inside me more strongly and clearly.
The me that I am now is in flux, and what I write here now may change in the next mo-ment. But that is inevitable, I think, as long as I continue to think the senses.


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