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Aischa MBengue

Aischa MBengue



My name is Aischa MBengue, born a long time ago near Leipzig/Germany.
From time to time I stay in Morocco. I love the Mediterranean light.
For me art is the art of life, I am self-taught. I work almost daily with paints, varnishes, brushes, pens of all kinds, chalks, fabric or glass paints. It is simply wonderful to feel this enthusiasm. It fills my everyday life with life. Why does one do this? There is something inside that has to come out. It bubbles or gets impulses. My work makes me forget the time. Often I don't know what will come out of it. Slow progress with surprise for myself. It is my endeavour not to act boringly. That's why at times there are pictures that are similar. Just as well as completely different works. Thoughts and feelings flow wonderfully into my works. Like on a dance floor, where you move your body through rhythms. Only in this work can I act uninhibitedly and egoistically to let off steam.
2019 Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg, Luxembourg - online
2021 Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg, Luxembourg - online
2021 Demo exhibition M.A.D.S. Mads art gallery, Milan, Italy and Fuerteventura, Canary Island
2021 Artbox Projects, Zug, Schweiz - online
2022 Partcipation Award, London, Great Britain - online
2022 Award -Vibes, Königstein, Deutschland - online
2022 Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg, Luxembourg online


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