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Sandra Hutton




Title: Yearning
Medium: Oil
Size: 16 x 16 inches
Completed 2021

Information pertaining to artwork:
"Yearning," with its limited and playful palette, represents the deep desire to return to the natural world and engage in an interchange of energy with our natural resources. In our Pre-Covid existence, we were enamored of the beauty of nature, but did we recognize its value as we do now, and the hope that it represents to us? In our current circumstances, we long for the freedom that nature presents to us--opening up in its rawest form. The textural nuances of the painting serve as a reminder that the sensory world is eager to connect with us. The brooding sky, with its hints of light, reminds us of the philosophical shifts inside us all. We must have dark to see the light and vice versa. Periods of darkness are highlighted by periods of hope. And, like clouds parting, we gain an awareness of clarity. As we sort through these philosophical shifts, we become more in touch with other yearnings--passions to be pursued, hearts to be fulfilled, and creativity meant to flow. Yearning is about connectivity---connecting to our earth and what it has to offer, connecting to our senses and reading the messages delivered to us as sensory beings, and connecting to our inner voice--the one that provides us with clues that draw us closer to learning our purpose.

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