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Claudia Huizar Robles

Claudia Huizar Robles



Mexican painter born in Colotlán, Jalisco, living in the city of Guadalajara since 1999.

She first came into contact with art at the age of 24, this event marked her life for the fol-lowing years.

Self-taught artist, greatly influenced by the recognized Cuban Plastic Artist Waldo Saa-vedra, with whom she had the chance to work and collaborate in several projects.

“Serendipity wanted me to meet Claudia, all overlayed, hardly covered, dressed in con-trast with her naked head with big wild eyes; luckily and promptly, she absorbed knowledge in one go (very few can do it that way). She let go her cover… since then she can’t stop learning, feeling and above all, creating, creating in an intelligent, passionate, melancholic, conceptual way, all this blend resulting in sensorial capabilities. She still is in creative metamorphosis, will never stop her malady extreme nudity and the party that is her creative process. Her head commands!”
Waldo Saavedra 2011

Her vision of art

Art has been the instrument of men which, through time, has captured the reflection of society in various disciplines. It is a unique communication channel that integrally ex-presses all which the human being watches, observes, imagines and transforms.

Art is that inner raw material, motivated by the outside to become a shared goodness which not only achieves universality, but the transcendence of the artist, the time period, a moment or a dream.

Being sensitive to the space that surrounds us in every shape, as a painter, my speech is a continuous interpretation of the brief and everlasting moments that translates in images and color, a diary of stories altered, but above all conceived by the relentless vital energy for any artist, that which is built into art, passion.


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