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On the other side

On the other side



Title: On the other side
Year: Minted on October 7 2021
Size: 5000x6000 px
Technique: Cinema 4D + Octane Render and Adobe Photoshop

Description: Your reflection will always be there, copying your movements. It cannot help itself. It will look you in the eyes. With supernatural precision it will behave like you, it will act like you, but do not be fooled. In its eyes you will see it. You’ll see that glare of madness, that will that intends to break the bond. When you do not pass in front of the mirror, that reflection will not exist. It will only exist when you pass in front of it. Your reflection knows that and every day that passes will make it more jealous, more angry, its resentment will be relentless. And that is why you will never interact with it, even when it brings you gifts. There are no gifts in this life, only prices and compromises to pay. And there are probably no gifts on the other side either. Don’t accept gifts from your reflection, you don’t know the price. No one knows. Or rather, no one went back to tell us.

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