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Title: Tsukiyo_4678
Year: 2022
Size: 2000x2000px
Technique: Generative digital art and poetry

Tsukiyo ("moonlit night" in Japanese) is an invitation to immerse yourself in the features, colors, and poetry in an inner journey through the imagination, a moment in which it is possible to give life to unique stories. Tsukiyo is a collection of 5000 unique Polygon-based NFTs generated by the combination of over 300 different traits, each of them flanked by a unique poem randomly generated through the combination of 90 different lines. For the first time, the same design concept that applies to digital figurative art meets the world of poetry. Every poem, inspired by Japanese haiku, has a much deeper value because it dialogues differently with the reader each time, stimulating the senses through the narration of a story. Tsukiyo is an experiment that aims to propose a new way of interrelating and interacting with the different communicative media of the art world. An NFT does not have to be just an image but can contain strong emotional meaning, it can be an imaginary and unique world created by the reader himself. The artworks exhibited are some of the pieces in our collection. Upon minting, the collector will receive a unique piece, randomly chosen from the 5000 NFTs. It is possible to mint a Tsukiyo directly from the website

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