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Carina Navegante

Carina Navegante



I am Carina Navegante, I am a visual artist, I was born in Parintins, Amazonas state, Brazil, where I started to develop my first artistic works.
Since I was child, I was passionate about drawing and painting, as I went practicing, it aroused the desire to be an artist. Currently, I live in Manaus-AM/Brazil, where I studied "Artistic Education" by the Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM and specialized in "Visual Arts: culture and creation", by the National Trade Service -SENAC.
I participated in exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, the most recent being "The Nature that dwells in me", in the Rio Negro Palace and "Affective Visual Poetics" at the ICBEU Gallery, both in Manaus, 2021.
I do acrylic and oil paintings, watercolor, pastel chalk, drawing pencil. I like to develop works with mixed technique because I like to try new materials.
In the middle of art, I can connect with myself, it is pleasurable to be able to imagine, create, express, and make people travel in a unique visual representation. The human figure is one of the most inspiring themes for creating my artwork, especially the female universe, as it is something I can transform through colors and shapes. Throughout my profession I learned to observe and perceive the details of a person, capturing their expressions and configuring them in an artistic setting. I like to make portraits and human body involved in an imaginary space. Most of my paintings are a mixture of realism and abstraction.


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