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Bana Moureiden




Title of piece: Source Size: approximately 76cm x 107cm year: 2020 Technique: acrylic and powder pigmented epoxy resin was initially poured on a surface using a marble pattern replicating waves. The epoxy was then broken up into pieces and carved and bent before it was completely set to give it a curve. Then the pieces were arranged and fixated in a black pigmented epoxy resin layer on a wooden plank. In the form of a misshapen puzzle that seemingly fits. Description: My source. My mother. My personal experience with motherhood has been only on the receiving end. Motherhood approached me in many faces. The large floral figure shows beauty in her dimension. Curves, depths, and harmonious elements exude; but, sharp edges are concealed throughout it. The sharp edges can cut, releasing droplets of blood, or floral petals to form a new floral figure- a smaller one, made of the same medium. The smaller figure isn't formed in the same depths and curves yet, it is still being formed. The source provides the balance necessary for survival: nurture and wisdom through a combination of sweet as well as sharp moments throughout life. Artist: Bana Moureiden

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