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Camelia Mohebi

Camelia Mohebi



Camelia is an Emaraty multidisciplinary visual artist, Entrepreneur , Art Therapy Healer.
Born 1978. She was educated in Dubai, Tehran and Geneva and London where she obtained a BA in visual communication, with minors in Illustration and Graphic Design.
After 2002, Camelia started her Art career painting, whilst pursuing a career in banking and marketing. In 2007 she started her own children's brand 'babybling' a concept store where she designed merchandise, clothes and jewelry for children and adults. opening 3 stores in the UAE.
Camelia is very inspired by people, their senses and the subconscious mind. In 2015, following the illness of her late father, her interest then shifted into healing modalities, conceptual Art fo-cusing on frequencies and sound.
Her style is very diverse reflecting her dynamic personality and life experiences, she paints on different mediums and objects ranging from canvas, leather, and velvet and wood to Musical Drums in mixed Media.

• 2003 ‘People I know’ Maison Royal, 46 Que Gustavador, in Geneva.
• 2006 ‘EMC art for charity auction’, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
• 2007 ‘EMC art for charity auction’ Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
• 2007 ‘women in art’ Courtyard gallery, Dubai.
• 2008 ‘Emirate Art Expression’ Emirates palace Abu Dhabi.
• 2018 'Size matters' 100 Bogart Gallery NYC.

My subject matter is frequencies. Waves omitted and received, through instruments of man and nature.
Wether through technology, theology or esoteric practices the underlying question as to what degree and how these waves are affecting us on a conscious or subconscious level is often un-known or hidden.
Therefore, I conducted an experimental study where by I isolated myself from mainstream media frequency generators and listened to binaural beats with subliminal messages for the period of two years. The results were major behavioral and emotional change.
In this series of work called No signal I wish to share my journey & findings and more important-ly shed light on the importance & fragility of our subconscious mind. In today’s busy media in-fested world, there is only one antidote to the possible desensitization of humanity that we are experiencing, a frequency that heals and restores balance. One that I call the “Divine frequency


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