Before The Architect
Joe Stublick

Before The Architect



Title: Before The Architect
Year: 2021
Size: 61cm x 92cm
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Before this… Before us… There was only The Architect. Before the architect was us, and so forth. At the end of time we will be The Architect. All of our experiences, victories, fail-ures, joys, sorrows, loves and losses will be one. We will have returned to the sea of uni-versal consciousness taking with us all we have learned once again unifying as The Archi-tect. “We are one.” At this moment, upon learning all that’s left to do is “be,” we choose to sacrifice all the knowledge, experience and unconditional love we’ve gained for our selves and shatter back to a trillions of smaller lonelier pieces of this divine self, prepared to experience it all over again. At this point, The Architect will once again be Us…