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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


Born in 1965 and currently lives in Kobe.
Admiring Super-realistic art, I began creating works using an airbrush.

In parallel, I was creating CG-like works with live-action camera work, but a fateful en-counter with Apple Computer led me to create full-scale CG works on the themes of "light" and "space" in the stock photo industry. Active for many years.

Airbrush Super realism works and brush landscape paintings have won many prizes in competitions in Japan.

From 2022, I began work on the "face-io" series, which combines the vast number of CG works I have produced.

There is no definition between CG, which is a part of my history as a creator, and "face-io", which I produce by letting my sensitivity and senses take over.

I love the very "free" face that creates something new with the inspiration and free sensi-bility of the viewer.

Honorable Mentions:
Selected 9 times for the Design Division of the Nika Exhibition (including 2 Encourage-ment Prizes and 1 Osaka City Prize);
Kansai Nika Exhibition Commemorative Prize;
Selected for TOKYO Illustration Exhibition (sponsored by Jubikai);
Honorable Mention, Custom ART Competition (sponsored by Contemporary Art Associa-tion);
Proba Grand Prize Exhibition, Heartwarming Prize;
Selected, Arch Grand Prize Exhibition;
Honorable Mention, Hyogo Prefectural Exhibition;
Selected twice for the Asahi Tulip Exhibition;
Selected for the Flower Art Grand Prize Exhibition;
Selected, MBC Sam Hall Art Exhibition;
Encouragement Prize, FUKUI Sam Hall Art Exhibition;
Itami No. 0 canvas Grand Prize, Art Hall Collection Prize;
Won a prize in a competition for the design of a lottery ticket voucher;
Honorable mention in various symbol mark competitions,seven times in total;
Suma Aquarium Poster Competition, Aquarium Prize, Honorable Mention,
Fukuoka Computergraphic Exhibition. etc.


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