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Vetla is an interior artist. Born in the very center of Russia, now lives and works in Moscow.

Despite the fact that she’s a lawyer by education, creativity has been a constant companion for her since childhood.
She began studying fine art at Children's Art School named after V. A. Vatagin
Wanting to master various drawing techniques, she took lessons in art schools such as:
⁃ Kalacheva Srt School
⁃ Classes at the S. G. Stroganov Academy
⁃ Art Studio - ERA
And some others.
But mostly she is a self-taught artist, and she developed all her skills on her own.
And now she can implement almost all the ideas that are born in her head.

With her creativity she wants to bring color and positivity to people's homes.
In our difficult time it is so necessary to surround yourself with objects that bring joy and comfort to the eyes and soul.

Her works are inspired by the beauty and power of nature, because it is an inexhaustible source of energy.
She mainly works with acrylic and structural paste, but she also likes to experiment and mix materials.

She likes to think that creative work is a road without limits and a way of self-expression.
But the best part about it is that she helps people formulate and bring their ideas to life.


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