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Gabor Kovacs

Gabor Kovacs



I’m an Hungarian artist currently living and working in the Netherlands.
The past 14 years I have been riding horses and focused on equestrian sports. Especially on dressage, what personally I consider as a performance of art.
I used to study at EPONA Spanish Equestrian Academy and had the opportunity to perform at Budapest Castle with a fantastic team. I was the team member of Several Horse Shows and Galas held in Hungary and all over Europe. Throughout the years I tried to express myself in different forms of art like music or photography. Then, I came across painting what seemed to be love from the first moment.
Painting gives me the creative freedom and individuality accompanied with the right amount of physicality that I have been craving for so long.
I can express myself, expose my inner being and emotions which drives my life day to day. I use it as an output source of my emotions. I paint in order to see in front of me my happiness, my joy and even my bad feelings in darker moments. I like to work mostly as an action painter, getting involved physically in the creation process. I want to give everything to the canvas that is stored in myself.
I prefer the method of “action painting “ It gives me the freedom of using different materials and techniques and physicality in my creativity. I prefer not having preconceived ideas about my art. I let the painting to tell me what they are about when it’s finished. I would like my art to spark some feelings or ideas in the viewer.


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