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Entela Sula

Entela Sula



Originally from Albania, Entela Sula studied Biology at the University of Elbasan. Immediately afterwards, she decided to study Communication Sciences in Italy, at the University of Bologna, where she also decided to settle.
Over the past 20 years Entela has travelled, worked and lived in Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, pursuing a career in development and humanitarian work. For the past 10 years she has worked in Haiti and around the Caribbean where she is currently the director of a non-profit institution.
Entela discovered her love for art when she was young. Guided by this passion, she started collecting works of art from her travels around the world, dreaming of opening an art gallery where she could exhibit them to the public.
It was only in recent years that she discovered her talent for painting. This new passion has led her into a new world, which she is enthusiastically discovering.
As a painter, she works mainly with acrylics and pastels and sometimes also with oil. Intrigued by different artistic mediums, she is planning to experiment with other techniques in the near future, although canvas, due to its softness and versatility, remains her favorite work base.
She is inspired and very fascinated by the spirituality and mysticism of the Haitian woudou, whose practices, beliefs and stories make it for the artist not only a religion but an art of living.


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