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Mika Ishikawa
Digital Artist

Mika Ishikawa

Digital Artist


1989 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2021 Currently, based in Tokyo, Japan

2019「Road to Eva」
2018「A beautiful story」
2018「Proof of my」
(Asagaya College of Art/Tokyo)
2017「Chiyahoya land」
(Ningyocho Visions/Tokyo)
2016「Ojiya Abandoned House Art Project」

Artistic Statement:
At first glance, you feel something is unrelated, but there is other case which is pretended not to notice it because of troublesome. It might be the reason is not only troublesome though.
You pretend nothing is happened and you avoid feeling wrong between world and your imagi-nation.
You would express as if you hadn't have any choices except this reaction?, and you don't doubt you are wrong.
By some chance, you force wrong things to others naturally and make them believe it's right.
Even if it’s unatural, you might be convinced that it’s beneficial to yourself.
When you were convinced, it would be correct that you were convinced.
That correct answer gives you peace of mind.That peace of mind fulfils the desire for approval.It is a place where you can feel cosy like heaven you imagine.
But not.
I have a doubt your feeling is actual good effect to your life or not. I suspect unexisting the place where you can live stress-free in this world. Has the world ever been steady? I feel the world is never steady.
I sometimes feel something wrong, when I imagine about what is true, right and steady to us. You will gradually stop listening and even the fine wind will feel uncomfortable. When the senses are ultimately dull, you will not recognise mysterious things.
In other words, it's the same as not breathing even though you're alive. I would like to care for feeling wrong between world and our imagination.
I would like to care for things are around us closely that at a glance, we feel unrelated to us.

"Public diary "
This is a challenge that " Public diary" is published my secrets to people around the world through Instagram.
While thinking about the various events and people you encounter in your daily life, you will write down the exquisite expressions of the people you meet and what you think at that time.
What do they feel in my drawings? What do you think? What will sprout in their hearts when I see the journalling I publish.


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