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Lujaina Abdelmohsen

Lujaina Abdelmohsen



This is Lujaina Abdelmohsen, an Egyptian abstract artist and an Architect. I've been painting for almost 15 years now.
“Abstract brings out and clarifies the complexity of your feelings."-Lujaina Ahmed
Playing with lines, curves, shapes, and color is a visual language understood by many, but played by few, and by ‘few’ I mean us, abstract artists. You see, abstract and normal art is like this; you know how one person can be dressed up casually acting normally just like everyone else, and the other per-son looking extremely smart and meticulous in every action and conversation, unlike everyone. Well, let’s relate abstract art to this smart and meticulous person.
I've grown up to be a girl that literally doesn't know how to express herself in writing, so instead, I found an open gate that made me able to express, release and feel all that's inside of me. It's funny how sometimes when I'm in a problem and feeling trapped in a hole, with nowhere to go, with no solution, I just take my piece of charcoal or paintbrush and go ahead and draw out my solution. And guess what happens after ...I literally find my drawing /painting talking to me. One of the many reasons I fell in love with drawing abstract art, is that abstract makes every story short and sweet.


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