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American Anthem
Christina Walsh

American Anthem



Title: American Anthem
Year: 2021
Technique: Acrylic mixed media on canvas
Size: 24x36inches / 61x91cm

It’s Up To You
If the sun came out at night, Would you see the light?
Would you turn to me?
If the mountains all fell down, And San Francisco drowned,
Would you set me free?
If the oceans all went dry, And the moon fell from the sky
Would you see me through?
If the clouds all turned to stone, And we were left alone,
Could I count on you?
It’s up to you
If I didn’t understand, Would you take me by the hand?
Will your love be strong?
If the darkness comes for me, And claims its victory,
Will your love be gone?
If time came to a close, And if the four winds froze,
Will you comfort me?
If I say that loving you, is all I want to do,
Will you let it be?
It’s up to you.
~Pagan Logic

Pagan Logic has long been music I have both enjoyed and used for inspiration while painting, as well as when I’m just thinking about how I want to apply my thoughts and ideas into the painting. I enjoy exploring the under-painting process lending to structure and place, where mark-up of shapes, symbology, as well as literal words help to guide the painting forward and bring together the ideas, and color in a new way that sheds light and color to those ideas that can offer a new perspective. As an American abstract contemporary artist, politics seem inter-woven into all aspects of modern life. I found the poetry of the song, It’s up to you,” to have important parallels that got me thinking about the turning point we find ourselves in when it comes to civil rights, democracy, and preservation of our beautiful planet and asked to collaborate through the specific use of those lyrics as a starting point to American Anthem of 2021.

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