Steffen Zehrfeld




Title :Continental
Year: 2022
Size: 50x70
Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas

This work describes the multitude of things that surround us on everyone continents of the world. It's the imperfect moments that shape our lives and so is no form like a second. Small details we do not immediately recognize and yet have an effect on our development are formative. With to watch the passage of time with open eyes and to see it with imagination to hold on, to pass on is a gift. Life is a present and we only have to open it and fill it, but not with material things but with events and experiences. These are just my thoughts as I look at the work and many people around me see otherwise. This is exactly what pleases me even more, stimulating the imagination and awakening hidden dreams. The color scheme was specifically chosen with natural colors and also bright neon colors that still appear subtle, which means the contrast between the change of our generation from earthiness and digitization.