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Jacquelina Chenoa

Jacquelina Chenoa



Born on 16th of March 1992, the Hague, The Netherlands. Native/Spanish/Dutch artist, based in the Netherlands. Both parents are Artists. I was raised within the arts, and I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a child. I have Two Sisters and One Brother who’s also an Artist, our Oldest Sister passed away with the age of 24. We were raised by our Mother. I am now an art student in the Netherlands, I’ve also studied in Spain. Theatre is my next big love and I hope to build my career in the Arts and Theatre.

March 2012 Just An Answer on Marc Bijl – Groninger Museum
May-June 2013 Alter Ego – Groningen
October - Illustration 57 - Groningen
27th November to 7th January Online Year End Sale Exhibition 2020 – Art Smiley at Dubai Events
October 2019 – Festival, Illustration 57 - Groningen

I am dedicating my work to the aesthetics of females, sexuality and the emotional layers of those relationships and trauma. I’m using The graphic styles and aesthetics from the late 80’s and the early 90’s, since that Is my favorite era of all times and somehow I love to connect nostalgic feelings with my work now. I also do a lot of visualisations of movie stills, many times telling my own story through theirs. My subjects are a direct projection from my own experiences, not hiding what is to appear ‘unnatural’ to this world. Love is Natural. I stand for authenticity, being myself whether someone likes it or not. It is an act of courage and extreme vulnerability to disclose one’s hidden self to the world knowing that others might not understand the nuances of it all. In a world where these topics are still not being accepted as normal. It is, however, necessary.

Artistic Statement:
“My art, I could say, is basically an extension of me, it’s the experiences, emotions and day to day life that come out that way. Like my curls that grow out or my scalp, or my eyes leaking the tears i shed. I act upon my instinct when I create, or when I destroy my works. I soak it in water, I rip it apart, I paste it back together.”


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