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Barbara von Sury-Koenig

Barbara von Sury-Koenig



Born in 1972 in Argentina, La Plata, Buenos Aires, of a Swiss father.
In Switzerland since 1989. Mother of two young adult daughters.
Holder of a Master’s in psychology from the University of Paris and an Artistic Maturity in La Plata, Argentina.

It was in Argentina, my native country, where I started my artistic adventure. It was at the age of 12 that I started to take an interest in drawing and painting. I spent my afternoons at the "la peña" workshop where I discovered this passion.
Art is my wellness laboratory. It allows me to express myself, to feel good, to fully enjoy the present moment. Every time I start a painting it's a new adventure as I go where colors and shapes lead me while trying to create the right balance.
I hope to convey joy, life and why not a few laughs through my paintings! As Walt Disney said, "I dream of a colorful world because it is the secret to happiness". So, I put a lot of it in my paintings.
You find in my paintings the abstract style but also the figurative. I paint mainly in oils and as a type of support I alter between paper, cardboard or canvas.


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