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Manuel Corinne - MC

Manuel Corinne - MC



MC (Manuel Corinne, born 1974) is a freelance artist living in France. As a graduate graphic designer, she runs her own artistic creation agency. Oil painting is his second life. Painter of lyrical abstraction, she is recognized for her gestural and powerful paintings.
His expressive works reveal a magical world where everyone has the freedom to imagine their own feelings ... Since her childhood, she has lived this momentum to give meaning to her deep creative inspirations. She tells on her paintings who she is with all her heart.
Her inspiration comes from her deep «creative» nature that we all have within us.
In her opinion, man is naturally an artist.
Her creative impulse settles silently on her canvas without her knowledge. Colors and shapes overlap, some emerge while others disappear... Transparency and opacity, empty and full, shadow and light, end and beginning to intertwine in perfect resonance. Like a connection on another frequency where time no longer exists, but where on the other hand the feeling of existing becomes intense, where everything becomes just for her soul.
She freely explores and experiences an invisible world to give life to the material ... leaving to each one the care of discovering, in each canvas, a part of his imagination.
«One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. by Saint-Exupéry (The Little Prince)


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