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El Mar Cobalto
Arts by 2H

El Mar Cobalto



Title: El Mar Cobalto
Year: 2022
Size: 120 x 120 cm
Technique: Textured acrylic painting with natural corals on wooden canvas board

"Abbaye Notre Damme de Châtre" and "Wiener Karlskirche" are two charcoal and carbon drawings depicting the facades of the two ancient French and Austrian monuments, respectively. Executed with a light and nuanced touch, the two artworks are the result of Brandon's architectural studies and his great passion for drawing. Expertly crafted, the result is a precise, detailed architectural rendering with a hyperrealist style. With the other three works, Arts By 2H intend to focus mainly on colors, studying chromatic effects and intensities and including natural corals that are arranged on the canvas. "El Mar Cobalto" is a monochrome of a deep and intense cobalt blue, at the center of which emerges a series of corals and shells that blend with the background. The sinuous shape that Arts by 2H gives it is reminiscent of a sea animal, or an island in the middle of the sea seen from above... Theirs are abstract forms in which to lose oneself and in which the viewer is free to see what he or she feels most.

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