Shown Yamamoto

Shown Yamamoto



Shown Yamamoto is a Japanese abstract painter.
He was born in a seaside town in Niigata, 1957.
It was an environment where snow clouds rushed over the rough sea in winter.
His aesthetic is influenced by the landscape.
He prefers gray and hazy rough seas to emerald green seas.
His favorite painters are Yves Tanguy and Maurice de Vlaminck. The silence of Yves Tanguy, and the shade and passions of Vlaminck’s winter landscape match his mental landscape.
He recently lived in Okinawa and he turned into an artist and started painting in 2019.
During the painting process he does not decide the theme, he starts drawing something that came out of himself and repeats dialogue with the drawn one to finish the work.
He draws on watercolor paper using ink and white paint, charcoal. Then, flick those materials with wax or pull them out with water-absorbent paper to create shades.
He spends a fulfilling day and feels the blissful joy of drinking in the evening. While
thinking about the history of humankind and the universe, sometimes he enjoy a nice glass of
Giulia Grappa.