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Kamyar Kafaie

Kamyar Kafaie



Kamyar Kafaie was born in July 1979 in Tehran. He is a self-taught artist who expressed himself through drawing before he could read and write. His early works were on almost every page of his textbooks, where he drew caricatures of his teachers and classmates. Sometimes these drawings were passed around to create some noise and disturbance in the classroom.
He grew up in a family where creativity was appreciated unlike his school where math and science were the focus. His major artistic influences where his Architect father and Mahmoud Javadipour (a master Iranian painter and also a close relative).
Kamyar left Iran to Los Angeles, California in 1999 at the age of 19 in order to attend University where he studied Animation and design but he later graduated with a degree in Finance and his Art & pas-sion became a side hobby.
2011 he visited Iran and started to paint again.
2013 he decided to move back to Tehran and began his artistic career.
2014 His first solo show was at Art Factory Gallery in Tehran.
2015 he joined Aaran Gallery in Tehran, where he participated in Group exhibition and held his next two solo shows.
In 2017 he as in a highly publicized group show in New York City called “Iran Cuba beyond headlines “.
His last solo show was called “Homeland Introspective “, April 2018, at Aaran Gallery in Tehran.
Kamyar’s work is very detailed narrative style paintings about social and historical events in a satirist language. He mainly uses Acrylic & Ink on Canvas.


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