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Jess Boldt

Jess Boldt



Jess Boldt was born in Nebraska in the US in 1980, and grew up on a farm until she turned 8. But then her father joined the military and they got stationed overseas to Germany.

Growing up she always enjoyed art classes but didn’t think she could be an artist full time. She put all her focus on being a full time mom to her four kids.

Jess decided to pursue her art career by applying herself at the Milan Art Mastery pro-gram online in 2019-2020.

Jess had her art on display in Los Angeles when it was selected in the top 20 for the ArtxFreedom contest bringing awareness to anti trafficking.

Jess participated in the EuropArtFair in Amsterdam in July 2021.

Jess was commissioned to do a mural for the Tour Elentric in Dendermonde Belgium. And has now done 3 murals at the Nato base near Mons, Belgium.

She is represented by Artstudio no.7. where she was a featured artist and collaborated with the team in the ArtNordic exhibit in Copenhagen in November.

Jess will also be represented by Van Gogh Art Gallery from Madrid Spain, at the Interna-tional Contemporary Art Fair of Luxembourg in April.
Jess curated an international exhibit at the Nato International Library with 7 artists from around the world in November as well.

She plans to attend more exhibits around the world to bring her unique art and voice to give people a new perspective and emotion through her art.


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