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Gesere was born in Uruguay, South America. She claims that her love for life and nature was engraved by fire because she grew up near the sea.
Her interest in art began before the age of 12, as a result of the readings that her grandmother gifted her. It was during this period when she wrote her first poem, which she never stopped doing. Furthermore, in recent years she has published a children's digital book.
At the age of 20, she began her studies at a local art workshop in her native neighborhood in Carrasco, Uruguay. However, she decided to dedicate herself fully to her academic career in Psychology and to start working at a student’s library.
After many years of residency in the Middle East, she regained contact with art painting, encouraged by her husband.
She currently enjoys painting abstract motives. It’s a vital experience for her, where she also delights in capturing oneiric landscapes, as she calls them.
Gesere’s way of working is to free her unconscious and let the colors and textures guide her hands on the canvas. She uses a wide range of recycled tools, and techniques such as craquelure, scratch marks, and paints layer by layer to achieve the desired effect. Within the colors she chooses, a gilded bronze predominates, among other metalized colors, because it symbolises what life in The UAE and the Emirati culture suggests to her.
In addition, the artist has started to explore exciting new forms of expression in the Experiential Art field.


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