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Lilith and Samael
Maria Obraztsova Z.

Lilith and Samael



Title: Lilith and Samael
Size: 70 x 70 cm
Technique: Acrylic, oil on canvas

"Father, please, it's not fair!" - Exclaimed Lilith, a beautiful, winged woman with skin the color of olive, with red hair and yellow eyes. You created us at the same time, you created me from an olive tree and Adam from clay. We have the same rights! "Go!" Yahweh said, "and do as Adam orders you!" "Please!" Lilith begged, but he turned his back on her and left angry.
Then Lilith said the forbidden name of God and flew away. At last, she will be free! She can finally do as she pleases without having to obey any of these men!
As her strength began to fail her, Lilith reached the Red Sea. And there was Samael, the most powerful Archangel, the "Poison of God", the "Angel of Death" and Governor of the Fifth Heaven. And also, the fallen Angel, expelled by God for disobeying him. And there they met, two lost and lonely souls. Samael took care of Lilith, he healed her from her wounds and when she recovered, they became lovers. Two fallen heavenly beings joined in their forbidden love, perverted love, disobeying Father's orders.
When God created Eve, Samael swore to take revenge for Lilith, and make God see how imperfect his creatures, Adam and Eve, are. He managed to enter the Garden, he took on the aspect of the serpent, he climbed the tree and when Eve approached the apple tree, he said to her: "Taste this delicious apple from the Tree of Knowledge, and you will be like God, you will know everything he knows." ... When Jehovah found out that Adam and Eve disobeyed him, he expelled them from the Paradise, cursing his wondrous creatures for which he lost the love of his most beloved Archangel - Lucifer, "he who bears the Light".

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