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Gabor Barbulszki

Gabor Barbulszki



Born in Budapest in 1987, I spent my early years in Sofia, Bulgaria and from 1992 to 2014 in Hungary, close to Budapest. Creating and Living from 2014 in Munich.
I have been exposed to diversity through my family and my surroundings which gave me a chance to see the differences and difficulties in European culture.
This created an interesting and resourceful cradle of creativity.
In my early childhood, art has infected me and taught me to set a universal point of view – both in my work and my personal life.
I studied Art Education at the famous Ludwig-Maximilian University.
2000-2013 | 17 Exhibitions in the Area of Budapest, 4 of them Solo.
2015 | Munich | Hospital “Rechts der Isar”
“Ars et Sanitas”
2016 | Munich | Maximilianeum (Bavarian Parliament)
Integration Prize Award, Stage Design and Digital Exhibition.
2018 | Munich | Pathos Theatre
Cooperation with Piroska Moga
Black Light Exhibition
2018| Kult(ur)Nacht -FlyByNight – Munich Urban Art Award 1. Prize
2018 | Munich | Pathos Theatre
Black Light Exhibition II.
2020 | Ludwig Maximilian University
Digital exhibition
2021 | Munich |Art and Wine
Corona exhibition Ver.1.0
2021 | Art in Heaven-Solo Exhibition in Munich
2022| Keve Galeria, Rackeve , Hungary


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