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Red Dress in the Rain
Dave Thomas

Red Dress in the Rain



Title: Red Dress in the Rain Year or Realisation: 2019 Size: Original: 30” x 20” Prints: 30” x 20” Medium: Original: oil on canvas Prints: Fine Art Paper or Canvas Description: Monochrome with a pop of colour always draws the eye to the main character in this style of painting. This piece is a real thought provoker, and I have found that people see different things when they look upon it. Is the lady walking away from something or towards something? Is the central light emanating from the moon, a street light, or does it represent walking towards a guiding light to gain strength? Whatever you see in this piece and whatever it means to you personally, a canvas print, set into a satin black box frame really sets this piece off and illuminates any space. Artist: Dave Thomas

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