Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth



title: Paradise on Earth
year: 2021
size: 5000x3325px, 240dpi
technique: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Adobe Photoshop

description: Nature and technology can coexist in sustainable development.
The Humanity of the Future will know how to look at the world with respect and will finally be able to keep its divine promise. Man is not the Master, but the Guardian of Nature.
Bionic man is the most conscious keeper who will know how to live in the Paradise on Earth. This NFT represents the ideal future, in which man, nature and technology live together, in full harmony with each other, coexisting in an eco-sustainable world. The environmentalist and progressive influence of solarpunk is fundamental to the realization of this NFT. Technological progress and Nature merge in a perfect union of full collaboration; there is no predominance of one over the other, but a peaceful and harmonious fusion between the two, in full respect of both.