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落ちる - Falling

落ちる - Falling



Technique: Digital Art - Gradation by Illustrator (Ai)
Size: 1080x1920px 
The work “落ちる - Falling” is an expression of my own feeling of depression. I used the same color gradation on both sides of the painting to represent the quiet, gradual fall. And the gradation of purple and yellow in the middle. This is indeed a feeling of falling, but there is even a sense of warmth and coziness in it. A sense of openness, relief, the warmth of someone by your side. This gradation and the round shape represent that. It is definitely hard when you are feeling down, but that is okay. That is what I wanted to convey. When you watch this work “落ちる - Falling”, you may feel as if you are somehow sucked into a different space. Whether you remember something painful or want to forget it, I hope you will feel the warmth in the darkness when you see this work.

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