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Real image of color I
Hiromu Konno

Real image of color I



Title: Real image of color I
Year: 2020
Size: 13.0X9.0 cm
Technique: Color pencil, Acrylic
Description: A series of artworks that return to the origin of color and focus on the beauty of the color itself. Because I have been producing color inversion paintings since 2020, I felt attractive to the color itself and wanted to express it through natural objects.
The language of "Clematis" in the motif of this artwork is "spiritual beauty" and "creativity”. Clematis is also considered the queen of climbing plants, and although it looks thin and weak at first glance, it does not break easily and blooms large flowers every year. Taking the act of inverting the color of this artwork as an opportunity, I felt the beauty of the original color, and I hope that each of them will bloom a big flower.

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