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Rüdiger Carius




Title: Biomorphic
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 100 x 100cm, NFT 6400x6400 px
Technical: digital

Technical characteristics:
 Swirls
 Ripples
 Lights
 Reflections/Mirroring
 Bends
Style: digital art. Multi-color, theme of nature, beauty, fantasy, aesthetics, symmetry, dynamics, bioluminescence

"The idea for the artworks came to me while reading the book ''Art Forms in Nature'' by Ernst Haeckel. I mixed these forms with fantasy figures and my own style." Rüdiger Carius is an art revolutionary. He decides not to limit himself to the reproduction of reality, he creates. His creative process starts with a phase of studying and analyzing reality, which is then destroyed and finally reassembled. This kind of revolution has a historical precedent, of a great master of art, Picasso, who decided to emphasize the fact that reality did not correspond to perspective representation, as it was missing a component; the cubist style reconsidered the concept of the pictorial plane altogether, to present a new pictorial reality given from multiple points of view in the same work. Similarly, Carius is a revolutionary, innovator of ideas, creating new digital forms and patterns that are children of the present day and children of his art. The artist introduces new components that are part of our reality: aesthetics, symmetry, dynamism, beauty of forms, fantasy, bioluminescence. Rüdiger is an eclectic artist, in this case, with the three Biomorphic he presents his psychedelic component made of swirls, ripples, lights, reflections, curves, and in Biomorphic III splits. Rüdiger's works are unique in that they belong to his very personal style, born in 2020 and called Split Art (a mix of colors related to psychology and neurobiology in combination with "destroyed" forms).

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