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Oh Immortal Bull, Our Beheaded
Vladimir Luna

Oh Immortal Bull, Our Beheaded



Oh Immortal Bull, Our Beheaded, acrylic, textures on panel, 24x24 pollici In a journalistic text by Gabriel García Márquez; "The Two Chairs" published in July 1950 I found the silhouette of a heavy chair that backlit simulated a decapitated bull. That image of patriarchal firmness seemed to me a good starting point for a painting. It is well known that in the universal tradition, the bull plays an important role as a deity, this is the angle that I wanted to approach. -A man martyred and humiliated to death nailed to a cross was the sacrifice that redeemed us.- An immortal bull with a powerful complexion that cannot fall despite being beheaded, incessantly bleeding, silent, static, moon-stained and vetoed by death, rules on top of an ancient stone vault. Artist: Vladimir Luna

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