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Jung-Chih Chang

Jung-Chih Chang



Born in Taiwan in 1974, She created with acrylic paint.
She showed her talent and interest in painting since she was a child, and began to receive professional art and art design education at the age of 16.
In the past, She worked as a graphic designer, and began to devote himself to the field of artistic creation in 2016. During this period, he often participated in international art activities and exhibitions, and was affirmed by many international awards.
In art works, She like to use animals as the protagonists in the paintings. She often ob-serve the behavior of animals in life, and get beautiful touches and insights from it. Use the image of animals to interpret the ideas and stories that the author wants to express.
She think that all things in the world are produced in rotation, like a spinning top, centered at a point, spinning constantly. Rotation is the driving force of everything, the earth is rotating, and the universe is also rotating. From one point to many rotating lines, then extended into incredible time and space, creating many beautiful things. Therefore, in her paintings, She combine bright colors with moving lines to present a dynamic atmosphere. This is her style.


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